August 03, 2007

Analyising the life

It has been quite a while since I have had an opportunity to write anything. After a busy result season that finally seems to have got over this week, I wondered where exactly is this life heading. It seems like a different world when you enter into work life, a life so distinct that it almost does not connect at any point- a life that is forgotten and is left in history just to get dust settled to it.

I have been living such a life that I have not had the time to chat much with my close friends and considering that my best friends are planning / having intention of joining the same place, I seem to have some touch with them. With the rest, orkut proved to be of some value and gtalk is allowed. So I tend to catch up once in a while with all of them. I have a friend who is in the next building where I work and we have been working together for the same committee for two years in college, where interaction was almost two hours a day, but I have met him only a few time after joining work. Stunning what life gives you with minor adjustments to your life.

To say that you work here is clearly an understatement. There is this movie where I have watched only the ending... One of my corridor mates fav one.. a drug addict and he leaves it after going through hell. The ending is a beautiful one where he comes out of this and walks down the road with his head held high- facing a new life that is exciting and wonderful. That is how I see life today...You get up everyday for the work that you love most. Enjoy the work and try to remember a few of the good and bad things in life.

I dont know if there could ever be a follow up to this mail and this will remain hopefully one of the few personal ones I would ever write.

I dont intend to re-read what is written. With the results season just going out, life is back with an even better exciting prospectus.


Anonymous said...

i happened to read this update more than three months after it has been written... i am hoping that the work is still as exciting as ever

Anonymous said...

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Anu said...

"Enjoy the work and try to remember a few of the good and bad things in life."

Been a while since i've been to your blog. But even one year later I see you still live that... so it's kinda cool :)

neal said...

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