March 22, 2009

Unemployment benefits

What more, this seems to be the right time to look at unemployment benefits.

I have made some simplistic analysis of the entire thing and looked at unemployed and those who are married or where the best information was available and converted them to US dollars to make comparison easier.

Ireland - USD 1100 / month (increases with dependents)
Sweden - USD 1220 / month (after taxes)
England - USD 540 / month
New Zealand - USD 400 /month
Australia - USD 577 / month

US seemed to be pretty complicated, so have not included in this.

Most of these benefits range for atleast 6 months.

Though they are strictly not comparable, the basic idea is to give an idea on how developed countries have established social security net for individuals. In India, while there is Rural employment guarantee scheme, the rest are pretty much left in the lurch.

Wonder when we can have such a benefit.
It is going to raise the cost of salary (more taxes) and also will result in more delay in employing anyone as unemployed will not mind waiting for more time to get a better job and this disconnect will raise the cost for the employer as hiring is going to take time and employers will have to raise salary to attract employees.

Surely, it is not going to be easy. First, we need more employees in the tax net to ensure that we can have the scheme going. Almost most of these schemes are driven from employers who charge the insurance cost from the employees salary (~6% in the US). A sizeable employee benefit will ensure that success is attained.

It is only a dream from my side that India can ever have one even in the next decade.

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Shreyan said...

Are these numbers adjusted for purchasing power ?? .. if so .. its a clear case of arbitrage .. if adjusted for risk ( probability of being fired) .. Sweden/ Ireland are the safest places to work in or even be laid off :)