December 28, 2009

Indecent Exposure: A True Story of Hollywood and Wall Street

Well, that is what the heading states and honestly, it is a book that one can skip. Surprisingly, this has a good rating by "", something that I truly value. This book is a combination of a board room drama and acts of forgery committed by one person. People who have read 'Barbarians at the Gate' and 'Once in Golconda' should be able to relate the story.

Few comments that I felt making it less inspiring to read that being advertised, my primary reason for purchase.

It has been elaborately written, if anything, much more than required. It was like reading first half of Barbarian at the Gate, which was quite a drag compared to the second. The board room struggle is something that one can really understand. This book, at best differs on one aspect. The management is at the defense unlike most other books where the board is kept in the dark. However, this goes to the other extreme. One does feel that the protagonist deserves some sympathy, after the ordeal he goes through. However, the author painfully reconstructs the scenario, most of which am sure are hard to get, but largely serves little purpose.

The degree of crime involved is hardly anything to speak of: less than 100,000 dollars, largely being petty thefts.

The book finally attempts to tell that it broke a wide spread scandal in Hollywood. However, after having read it, there is nothing substantial that warrants such a claim.

Anyways, my suggestion. Read this book when you are free and you should be able to complete the book in about two days. It is a bit expensive so re-think before buying it.


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